Secretary & Correspondent - Mr.C.Srinivasan

'An institution is the lengthened Shadow of one man'_Ralph Waldo emerson This saying is most appropriate in the case of our esteemed correspondent, Mr.C.Srinivasan, Retired Head Master, Raja Muthiah school. PopularlyKnown as C.S.he is a strict disciplinarian and commands high respect among everyone who has ever come across him.Once the decision was taken to start the school, he had been the guiding light for our president in all his endeavours connected with the school.

Under his patronage the school grew from strength to strength and much was done to improve the standard of education.Our correspondent is a man with a great vision, who insists that the students who pass through the portals of this school,Should be enriched With Knowledge as well as spiritual and moral values.

Our correspondent is a person who understands the child psychologh perfectly. Being a very successful retired Headmaster, he goes deep into the child's mind and analyzes his capabiulities and weakness, He often reminds us that 'Every child has great ambitions. As he grows,he experiences the realities of life and his ambitions fade away. So it is the primary duty of the teachers and parents to keep the fire of ambition burning in each and every child'.He believes that,

"There are glimpses of heaven to us in every act,or thought or word, that raises us above ourselves".

He is a man of great ideals who perseves tirelessly to see his principles being put through to the students.He has a loving and kind heart.But for his efforts,timely guidance and comprehensive planning,our school would not have enjoued the status that it enjoys today.We hope and pray that God blesses him with the spirit of ceaseless efforts and may his wholehearted involvement and efforts make the future of our school, a glorious one.