President - Mrs. & Mr. S.Venkataraman

Our honourable president, Mr.S.Venkataraman belongs to the village of Kadiramangalam in Tangore district. He had his education in Tangore. Later on he came to Madras and started his career as an assistant to Mr.D.K.Murthy, a gold and diamond dealer in Madras. Mr.Murthy had a variety of elite customers through out India and it was but natural that Mr. Venkataraman also developed his close association with them in due course.

We stand together in joy
we stand together in sorrow
For nearly four decades now
We live with no fear of tomorrow

Mrs. Saraswathy Venkataraman came into his life on the 26th January 1964. She stood by him through thick and thin. The couple is blessed with two sons Mr.V.Srinivasan and Mr.V.Balagopal. At the counsel of his friend Mr.K.V.Sethuraman,Ex.Executive Director of Mount Mettur Chemicals, Mr. Venkataraman started mixed farming under the banner of Ramaraj Farms. Later under the guidance of Dr.Jonathan of E.I.d.Parry he became the distributor of veterinary products. Gradually he became the distributor of the products of many multi-national companies.

As his sons started sharing his responsibilities,his interest turned to new projects for the welfare of the people of his locality. A great philianthropist that he is, he was already associated with Dr. Radhakrishna Nagar Welfare Association, Asthika Samajam and R.K.Nagar Civic Exnora, doing excellent service to the neighbourhood people. He started the school with the guidance and support of Mr.C.Srinivasan,retired Head Master, Rajah Muthiah Higher Secondary School. The school started in the name of Saraswathy Vidyalaya in 1992. It owes their gratitude to Mrs.Saraswathy Venkataraman, who was magnanimous enough to donate the land for starting the School.

"Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance."

The school grew by leaps and bounds and today it has become a name to reckon with Mr. Venkataraman aims at developing desirable attitudes and values in the young students. His constant encouragement and relentless efforts to make this institution a premier one, is beginning to bear fruits. The pride of being usefulto others can be enjoyed only by those who are blessed with the spirit of ceaseless effort, and our President one such personality. His interest and enthusiasm and his willingness to act according to the need of the hour, command great regard and appreciation. We aspire that his spirit of compassion be continued in the field of education and social work, for the betterment of the society. Let us all unite and strengthen his hands to add new feathers to his cap.