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  • "On the first day of this year... I make a wish that, Happiness be at your door May it knock early, stay late And leave the gift of God's Peace, Love, Joy & Good Health Behind! May this year be the best of all Happy New Year! to To my SVM family"

    Revathy.k, Teacher, Chennai

  • I am very proud to study in "S.V.M"school.

    Raj Kumar, 12, Thiruvanmiyur




    Rajesh, 10th Studemt, Chennai

  • I love my school very much.Teachers r very kind 2 us.

    Rajeshwarn, 10th Student, Chennai

  • I love my school

    Varsha, Student, Chennai

  • I found guidance, friendship, discipline and love, everything, in one person. And that person is my principal

    Anusha Manjunath, Student, Chennai

  • "I missing my happy school days. SVM means ""the happyness"". I like my Friendly principal and gloriful teacher's. The teachers will be considered as lordess. The Students means ""to follow the thier route and words"". My favourite is ""UMA MAGESHWARI mam"".She is the best always. ""HINT: To keep our principal friendly by to avoid unwanted activites.Then, we can friend with my and our mam."" I never foregot my school days. I have no free time to appear in school. But,I will come shortly. Enjoy the school and Subject, then we will acheive everything. Thing is your respected friend. School is the basic and also the basement"" "

    KANNAN. R, Old Student , Injambakkam

  • Miss my school life :(

    Logesh, Passed Out Student, Chennai


    Revathy.k, Teacher, Chennai

  • SVM is the Temple of learning

    Santhi K.R, Teacher, Thiruvanmiyur

  • I'm sad that i miss this school.

    P.Srivatsan, Student, Chennai

  • I loved studing in this school.i miss my primary class friends and i proud to study in this school becoz our mother is great and our teachers are very frendly to us. this is my last year studying in this scool, so iam very sad to leave this heaven life.

    Manivannan, Student, Chennai

  • Iam so glad to study in this school.we are blessed to have a principle and teachers like this.our principle is the best inspiration for everyone in our school.

    Aruna, Student, Chennai

  • "Its very heart breaking when i think that my school life in this beautiful school is over......... i will never forget my mothers in this school"....




  • Wishing a very HAPPY PONGAL to SVM family

    S.Jayalakshmi, Teacher,SVM, Chennai

  • Dear Members of SVM Family, May this Year of 2011 be A Year of Health & Happiness, A Year of Wealth & Wisdom, A year of Peace & Prosperity, A Year of Glee & Glow, And also a year of Love & Laughter, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    S.Jayalakshmi, Teacher, SVM, Chennai

  • I joined the school in my tenth grade as an average student with a desire to achieve. I was accepted and admitted by one of the most dynamic ladies i have met, my Principal. From then there was not turning back. I enjoyed a magical 3 years in this school and i cherish every moment i had been in it. I also thank all the teachers who are kind, approachable and caring no matter who the student is. I am here because of my school. Also i got a wonderful set of friends from this school. I would also congratulate my friend in creation of this website, its cool. Thats Nishanth for getting all of the school together and we will do our best to show the world abt our school.

    Swaminathan Prasanna ( 2003 - 2004 ), Grad Student, Illinois Institute Of Tech, Chicago, USA

  • President Sir & Family,Secretary Sir & Family, Principal Madam & Family,Teachers & Family, Non-Teaching staff & Family,Students & Family, WISH YOU HAPPY DEEPAWALI! MAY YOU BE SHOWERED WITH HAPPINESS PROSPERITY !

    S.Jayalakshmi, Teacher, Chennai

  • Hi my name is Harish Kumar old student it’s a great school...it supports cultural activities, the school has great teachers who have loads of experience, and I have to specially thank my principal who give lot of encouragement to all students, miss my school days very much.

    P.H.Harish Kumar, Supervisor, Mercedes Benz India, Chennai

  • Saraswathy Venkataraman Matriculation Higher Secondary School is a prestigious institution and students studying there are blessed to have an awesome teachers and very good Academic team because they take extra care on us more than our parents and I am more fortune & proud to be part of this brilliance. Guru’ (teacher) is the person who helps in achieving the student’s dream. My Gurus are my principal, teachers of SVM. Education in SVM is Comparatively same to international standards. In SVM I learnt not only lot of useful Subjects but I have also made lots of really good friends. In fact, the atmosphere in the school is like a huge group of friends! On top of that, I have attended many of the different activities the school organises, all of them great experiences. The best thing about the school is that having extremely friendly and attentive staff makes students like to learn everything. Not all the persons are leading a successful life I can assure that people who studied in SVM will lead a successful life. I am thankful principal, teachers of SVM throughout my life.

    Mariappan Vasikaraj (1995-2001), Manager - Alliances. Edmax Global. India, Chennai

  • Pleasing to work here

    V.jayanthy, Teacher, Chennai

  • I really feel proud to be a student of this school.I'm thanking our principal for giving me admission in this school.I'll never forget our principal in my life.i love to study in this school.It was a wonderful learning experience.I thank our school principal and teachers for being a great support behind my success.I really miss my school very much.

    Venuka, Student., M.O.P Vaishnav College, Chennai

  • I passed out in the year 2007 and spent 3 Lovely years in SVM,I must say the principal is a very enterprising person and is committed to every member of the institution.The teachers give their heart and souls to impart knowledge to the students.I made some good friends and also learnt many lessons in life while i studied in this school.I am very sure every moment i spent in this school will stay fresh in my heart for aeons.keep up the good work and Thank you for making me the person iam today!

    Divya Dinakar, Student, Chennai

  • I love this school.My Principal is a very good example of excellence.She is my rolemodel.

    N.S.Veeralakshmi, 9th A, Thiruvanmiur, Chennai

  • I'm so proud to be a student in this school , i love this school so much ....

    Balram.k , Student, Chennai

  • I extremely feel delighted to visit my school back after 6 years through this website. I have loads of memorable days with SVM which the entire school and teachers are known of. Its because of the proper guidance I received and the platform that was set up for me by this school, I was able to succeed my 2 year corporate life with Wipro and now I am able to succeed here in my higher studies as well. Always grateful to this school.

    Raju, PG Business Management Student, Massey U, Auckland, New Zealand

  • God gave me a wonderful school with a kind ,friendly principal and teachers

    Anusha, Student Of, Chennai

  • I really loved studying in tis school. wow it was an awesome 2 years of enjoyment in tis school.to =talk abt mam , really she the best ever and teacher r gr8 to. i really miss every one frm A-Z.

    Vinod, Student, Chennai

  • I belong to the 2005 pass out batch, what i am is all cos of my principal, teachers and ,moral support and finally only my hard work comes inplace,they ve moulded me well, thats why i stand here, proud to say M also a part of this baniyan tree,thanks all, this is a very short testi to tel my magic moments in school. i love my school,i wil bring pride to my school by constant growth in career. love you all an wil continue to be a part always. VISH7

    Vishnoo Anand, Marine Officer (3rd Officer), Chennai

  • There is no words to express my happiness and joy .. I am all way thankful to my principal "who gave their life and breath for every students tomorrow..." thank you. they have moulded me from... What I was... TO What i am today.....

    Harish Haridass, Information Security Officer & Digital F, Cyprus, London, United Kingdom

  • We are very lucky to study in this school under a parental Principal and Teachers. We feel great that we studied in this school for years.

    Arun Anand, Students, Chennai

  • Its god gift that i am a part of this school

    Vinay, Student, Chennai

  • I love to study in this school because teachers take extra care on us more then our parents .they are very polite.And the principal of our school is the best in whole world because she is very friendly.I have never seen a person like her in my whole life.I am very proud to be in this school.

    Poornema, Student, Chennai

  • It is very great school...

    Shangeethan, Student, Chennai

  • It is a great school i am very proud to be a part in that school

    Shruthi, Student, Chennai

  • I am Barath Ram S (2001-2002). It is the divine blessings that led me to join SVM School. It has been a life changing journey for me from the time I joined SVM, the strong academic roots that my teachers and our principal instilled in me has taken me a long way in the journey of life... with this foundation, I finished my graduation in Merit and went on to do my Management Degree from a Premier B-school in India. I still cherish my moments at SVM School. My sincere gratitude to all teachers and my principal for all the efforts they took!!

    S Barath Ram, Business Manager, Chennai

  • Class was fun and a great learning experience at the same time. I won't hesitate to recommend it to others. Great, but too short. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

    Karthik, General Manager - Eloka, Chennai

  • I am Nishanth.P. It is my sheer luck that I got admission in this school. I'll never forget our principal kind gesture in giving me the science group after understanding my real interest in that. It was the turning point in my life. With the strong foundation from this school, I entered the reputed college and completed my B.Tech in computer science. I pray almighty that more and more students like me are benefited.

    P.Nishanth, Software Engineer, Chennai, India